Night of Gold and White



Two praise and worship songs… a cheesy reindeer joke…  a quote from the Grinch…  a presentation of the Gospel… and “What is a Chrismon?”  And that was only the first half of a fun and incredible ladies event.

Last Tuesday evening, seventy-one amazing women gathered at Fellowship West for “An Evening of Gold and White – Celebrating Christ Through Chrismons.”  And yes, the word really is Chrismon; a combination of the words Christ and monogram.  Chrismons are white and gold ornaments that represent who Christ is; His character and His ministry.  The Chrismon tree I made about ten years ago was on display, and I explained the significance of each of the eleven different ornaments, such as a cross and a lamb.

To stay in theme, each of the eleven tables was decorated in gold and white, and even the food we served was white.  It really was beautiful.  We also had give-aways.  In the center of each table was a white lantern with a tea-light candle.  One lady at each table became the owner of the lantern.  And then we had a drawing for a door prize; a lovely Christmas cookbook.

We sang, we worshiped, we ate, we laughed, and each lady made a gold and white beaded Chrismon ornament to take home as a remembrance.  But I think the highlight of the evening for me was being able to present a simple devotion using a very familiar Scripture verse, John 3:16. My prayer is that every person who attended our Chrismon celebration will realize the importance of the Baby in the manger, and what He came to accomplish through His birth, life, death, and resurrection.  And may we all truly celebrate Christ this Christmas.  After all, that is what the word “Christmas” means.  If you aren’t going to celebrate Christ, you might as well just go around saying “Merry” to everyone and forget about the word “Christmas.”  Please don’t leave the baby in the manger when Christmas is over this year… He did not stay a baby.  He grew up to become the Savior of the World.  But more importantly, He grew up to become a “Personal Savior”… My personal Savior… Your personal Savior.  Jesus Christ is a gift just waiting to be opened…   And remember, we can’t buy Christmas.  Christmas is Free.

-Karen Clough