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Success’s Greatest Ally

Truly knowing others and being known, sharing the deeper parts of our lives with others does help us to reach our goals. It even helps us to re-evaluate those goals altogether. But there are even more blessings in community than that.

One Thing I Know

What a Saviour, my RedeemerFriend of sinners, one like meOh, what kindness, suffered violenceHealed my blindness, and set me free Oh,...

Your Love Endures

No eye has seen, no heart can fathom the fullness of the love that you have for us, raising us out...

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing One of my favorite passages in the New Testament is Philippians 3. Paul...

Complaining & the Way of Jesus

I was speaking with a friend who serves at another church recently about ministry life, and how things have changed...

For my good. For His glory.

"it is not a promise of prosperity, but a promise of redemption."

Prayer: Humility and Hope

"And as we lift our head from lowly places to see his might, we can rejoice that such a power is for us and not against us."

Spring Up O Well

"Without Him, we are indeed hopelessly wandering in a land that produces nothing to really fulfill us."

Song of Ascent

The Journey of Worship In ancient days, the people of Israel would journey to the temple at Jerusalem to worship...

What’s Your Worth?

While deleting junk mail this week, I came across this subject: Calculate your net worth. How do you stack up?...