The story of how Fellowship West came to be is truly a God story.  In Fall of 2013 Pastor Steve Dighton, the Senior Pastor of Lenexa Baptist Church, desired to plant a new campus to the West of Lenexa Baptist Church in Western Shawnee.  We began to diligently seek out a place to hold our worship service, while at the same time beginning to gather and meet with a core team that would help us launch this new work.  Through the process of seeking out a location God continued to close every door in our target area.  While all of these doors were being closed a church only a few miles outside of our target area in Bonner Springs, Kansas called and asked us to consider allowing them to become the new LBC campus.  While this was not in the specific area that had been targeted the leadership began to sense that it was quite possible that God had been shutting the doors in Western Shawnee because He intended for us to launch the new campus north of the Kansas River.

Through much prayer and many conversations it was decided that it was God’s will for us to merge with the congregation of Bonner Springs Baptist Church.  In May of 2014 they voted to become a campus of LBC, and in June Bonner Springs Baptist Church officially closed their doors allowing us to begin immediate renovations and updates to the church facility.  In July we merged the core team from LBC and BSBC together and in August we had our Grand opening service.  Less than four years later, in January of 2018, Fellowship West became a fully autonomous, self-sustaining church. Then in September of 2019, Fellowship West launched a new Legends Campus one mile West of the Legends shopping center and Speedway area. 

We are a community of believers who are excited about what God has done and are expecting Him to do great things through our Fellowship.  Each week we remind our members that our desire is that all of us will seek daily to Share Jesus, Disciple Believers, and Love People.

We are proud to be part of the NAMB Send Network initiative.