Why Give?

Giving is difficult. It’s confusing and conflicting, because the scriptural model for giving of your income to the local church is not specific. There’s no plain and clear commandment to give a certain amount at a certain time. So here’s why we give…

We don’t give because God needs our money. He doesn’t. We give because firstly, God wants our hearts. Understanding that all we have is His and giving a portion to honor Him is a huge step in the life of a believer! 

Secondly, we give to further the Gospel and meet the needs of others. The Early Church (many of the first Christians) sold their possessions and pooled their money together to give to the leadership of the Church (Acts 2:42-45). In turn, the leadership used it to provide for those in need and further their mission to tell others about Jesus.

How Much Should We Give?

In the Old Testament days, before it was time for Christ to die for our sins, it was law to give 10% to the church. It was used to provide for the ministry the priests were doing, and for the priests themselves, since they served God and the people full-time. 

The Apostle Paul instructed the church in 1 Corinthians 9:7 to give as much as we were directed by the Holy Spirit. Many give a certain percentage of their income. Some give before tax, some after. We encourage you to pray and seek the Lord in the matter, and give how you are led.