On the phase wall in the foyer of each campus you will be able to find resources for kids every year from birth through 12th grade. These resources are designed to help parents guide and disciple their children with tips, advice, and questions to ask keeping their physical, emotional, and spiritual growth in mind. There are more resources that can be purchased at the online Orange store. If there is ever a resource on the wall that we are running out of, please fill out the form below so we can have it available for you!

Phase Resource Form

Let us know what resources we can make available to you!

Ministry Grid

To equip our volunteers to better serve and lead in our ministries, we provide access to a resource called Ministry Grid. Volunteers can utilize a large number of training courses for a variety of topics. We will also be sending out monthly training courses for some of our volunteer areas. To get set up with a free ministry grid account, click the link below. 

Parent Cue

As a part of our Phase Ministry, we provide access to the Parent Cue App, where parents can find helpful resources that go along with what their kids and students are learning at Phase Night on Wednesdays. You can download the Parent Cue app on the App Store on your smart phone, and connect to Fellowship West when you set up your free account.