Offering Changes

Upcoming Change Planning individual and corporate worship each week is not a science. It’s done by seeking and knowing the Lord and seeking and knowing what He wants for His people. As pastors here at Fellowship West, we are often reevaluating ministries and elements to our services to determine what’s

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God Doesn’t Want Your Singing

“Can you email me the lyrics to the third song we sang?” As a worship pastor, I LOVE hearing that from people after service. It shows an interest in the ideas we’re singing more than just the music, an appreciation for the purpose above the entertainment. It’s an encouragement for me as

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Real Masculinity

What is it that makes a man a man instead of a bigger-than-average boy? Is it strength, muscles, stature? Or facial hair, intelligence, the ability to lead? Maybe being good at sports? How about not being afraid, being tough, able to take a punch, knowing how to grill, or the

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The @home ministry is designed to help you fulfill whatever role God has called you to. We provide:  

  • Pointers:  Short booklets with advice and biblical perspective on specific life stages and challenges. 
  • Recipe Cards:  A practical guide to an intentional activity for families or couples. 
  • Assessment/Plan:  A 120 plan to be intentional with your family, tailored specially to yours and your family’s needs. 
  • Podcasts:  Over 30 podcasts on various topics to help families and couples. 

Whether you’re married or single, have children or not, there’s something at the @home center for everyone.